Mentorship Received

Departmental Mentoring

In the Teacher Education and Administration department, Dr. Colleen Eddy, Associate Professor, is my mentor. We have ongoing conversations, she has hosted me and my family at her home for dinner (spring 2018), and we frequently talk over lunch or coffee.

University-wide Mentoring

As part of my new-hire training, I have been part of a campus-wide mentoring group. I have three faculty mentors: Jo Monahan, Alan Albarran, Lisa Dicke). Our mentoring group meets once or twice outside of UNT related mentoring lunches and events. For example, we met for lunch at the Gateway Center in November 2017. I connect with Jo Monahan on a consistent basis; she stops by my office about once a month to check-in with me and see if I have any needs or concerns.

Mentorship of Faculty and Students

Faculty Mentoring

I am a faculty mentor for Dr. Jeannette Ginther, Senior Lecturer of Language and Literacy, who joined our faculty in Fall 2017. We communicate often, operating under my “open door policy.” She participates in a book club during fall 2017 with Dr. Angela Randall and I, and we read “What the Best College Teachers Do” and went out for lunch to discuss the most helpful tips covered in the book.

Student Mentoring

Dissertation Committees

  • Member: Nydia Prishker. “Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices of Teachers on the Use of Technology Applications with Young Children.” Defended 5/8/2018.
  • Member: LaTasha Goodwin. “Case study reading interventions to meet the needs of below grade level readers in a regular ELA classroom.”
  • Member: Kelly Hayunga. “Student Perception of iPad Implementation and Its Impact on Authentic Student Engagement in the Elementary Classroom: A Case Study.”
  • Member: Bill Visco. Analysis of 1:1 iPads on End-of-Course High School Exam Scores.

Summer 2018

  • I supported an undergraduate student by serving as an Honors College course mentor. We designed a research project, collected and analyzed data, wrote a 2,000 word paper, and submitted it as a conference proposal to AERA.

Spring 2018

  • I mentored an undergraduate by helping her complete her honors project in my EDRE 4450 course. I helped her research a topic of interest and write a paper entitled, “Using Technology in the English Language Learner Classroom.”

Spring 2017

  • I mentored a graduate assistant student in the PhD C&I program. This endeavor included classroom observations, meetings with the student, and an ongoing private, digital dialogue journal.