Representative Personalized Course Syllabi (updated fa18)
SPOT Student Evaluations
EDCI 4060
EDRE 4450
EDEE 3320
EDRE 4870
Sample of student Assignment/Projects/Products/Rubrics, including other instructional related activities, culturally responsive teaching, exemplars, and innovations
New Courses designed and/or major revisions to existing courses
  • Major revisions to EDRE 4450: Transformed children’s book list to the Teaching Children’s Literature website; Final exam changed to a Literacy Inquiry Portfolio; Transformed watching 15 hours of teaching videos to a field-based partnership with Communities in Schools of North Texas
  • Major revisions to EDEE 3320: School board meeting assignment, Critical book review of a teacher education book
Peer observations
Honors and awards for teaching
Documentation of professional development activities

Student Advising